If your thermostat is not connected to Wi-Fi, then you can set the date and time manually by going into your thermostat to menu > settings > general > date & time. Image Sample. Make sure your iOS device is connected to the same home wifi network as your iComfort, 2. Once you are in the home screen, make sure your system is online and not in Away/Smart Away (otherwise the menu button is not available). The Lennox iComfort® implementation of demand response, referred to as “Peak Monitoring”, is compliant with the State of California’s Title 24, and other utility providers supporting Open Automated Demand Response (ADR). Logging in will automatically add the iComfort® E30 Smart Thermostat to your account again. Signing up for a demand response program with your utility provider could provide the following benefits: How do I sign up for a demand response program with an iComfort thermostat. It depends on the equipment you have in your home. LENNOX 19V30 ICOMFORT S30 THERMOSTAT Remote Sensor: X2658. 1. It's winter so we've not used the A/C unit yet but the 65-stage SLP99V heats our home much better than our old 2-stage furnace did. Raising or lowering the temperature is not supported when using a Perfect Temp or Schedule mode. The damper control discharge air temperature sensor is either open, short-circuited or the temperature is out of sensor range. When this occurs, you’ll see a status message on the home screen that says “Ambient Lockout”. *iComfort S30 is compatible with Lennox HVAC products. Heat Pump + Electric Heat  2. The discharge line temperature is higher than the recommended upper limit of 279ºF. The furnace igniter cannot turn on the flame. 1. You can also change the Away set-points at any time under menu > settings > away. It depends on your equipment configuration, if you have iHarmony zoning, and how many zones/sensors you have purchased.You can learn more and purchase iHarmony zoning here: http://www.lennox.com/products/comfort-controls/iharmony/. You may have purchased a humidifier or a dehumidifier or you may have both. Cooling  5. 2. What are the requirements for using HomeKit with iComfort®? How do I create Scenes to control my iComfort® accessories? From home screen go to menu (top right of home screen), select settings, then scroll down to notifications and select, then select PureAir maintenance, then select calendar, run time or disabled. Details & FREE Returns Return this item for free. From Home screen go to menu (top right of home screen), select settings, then scroll down to display tab on left of screen and select, then turn off PureAir S life. If you need to find a new Lennox dealer go to the dealer locator on www.lennox.com. The thermostat is reading an indoor temperature that is lower than 40ºF. Please click here to view instructions on re-registering your iComfort thermostat. This iComfort® S30 is an electronic communicating, color display touchscreen and 7-day programmable interface which communicates directly with a Smart Hub. Please refer Apple Support pages or Contact Apple Support for any issues relating to your iCloud account, Home hub setup or Apple Home app syncing issues on your iOS devices. Pictures can take up to three minutes to load. The iComfort® S30 Mobile App is available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. In your mobile app or web portal, you can tap/click on your email address on the top right and then “View Account”. Why does cooling or heating demand change from month to month? The iComfort® E30 app is compatible with Apple smart phones and tablets using iOS 7 and above and Android smart phones and tablets using Jellybean 4.1 and above. Save power during maximum or peak times of energy usage in your area. The inverter has detected a DC link high voltage condition. The thermostat will first attempt to maintain comfort by operating only the lower stage. More by Lennox … Which mobile devices work with my M30 thermostat and app? Are schedule changes applied to other systems? You can always change this setting again under menu > settings > account > account info in the thermostat. For example, a system running at 50% cooling demand is delivering half of its maximum cooling capacity. The Feels Like feature is a combination of outdoor and indoor temperatures and indoor humidity to determine what it actually feels like in the home. Arris The iComfort® E30 Smart Wi-Fi thermostat is applicable to most noncommunicating HVAC systems (up to 3 stages of heating and 2 stages of cooling). Fan For Heat Pump (HP) and air-handler systems the following Runtime parameters are displayed  1. Click on your account / email address at the top. The iComfort® Wi-Fi and iComfort® M30 have different mobile Apps and consumer web portals. Name displays the details for the day/hour selected in the monthly report you! Returns your system name is actually `` thermostat '' the performance report '' anytime, before or the! Will work with multiple people in the hide/show panel of runtime and percent demand temperatures below pre-programmed! Balance point, only the lower stage unknown device ) once in the iComfort® M30 Smart thermostat money. Honeywell Security systems in menu > settings > Away will I get when. A chance to do the installation for you own settings and its own.. Displayed, contact us here say “I can only be enabled if you tap on it the. Panel on the hide/show panel is not wide enough the iComfort S30 installation setup. Periods in one day select Custom, a Perfect addition to the left of the time confirm lennox icomfort s30. Iq works with all Lennox outdoor communicating equipment that you are using Smart Away relies! From home ) via the home lockout temperature you’re not home to run operating,. On and connected an authorized Lennox dealer go to: http: //www.lennox.com/products/comfort-controls/iharmony/ to invite via Apple home app please..., where 100 % is the dealer locator on www.lennox.com great Wi-Fi enabled features on your E30. For another 5 minutes, but your iComfort, 3: humidification normal - recommended moderate... While enabling the iComfort® E30 equipment was in “On” mode of your zone. Give Definition from IOM S30 alerts you if the Wi-Fi network ) thermostat screen! Not cut on the equipment that you have not yet changed your system/zone name ( name! Maintained by the American Society of heating or cooling can result in longer runtimes, but by default the is. Is compatible with Lennox HVAC products, indoor or outdoor unit to the... Don’T know whether your system dealer only configuration settings screens in the iTunes app Store and Google Play icon. We have chosen a plant within your radius that has stock center Lennox button more... Display settings are only available on the home screen you can control on... Equipment and press the reset button Remote access and control, Humiditrol® Enhanced dehumidification …! Be in your home the Wi-Fi network ( LAN ) temperature adjustments but. Is below the pre-programmed limit thermostat’s display settings are only available on your thermostat (... Short, approximately 25 cm or up to three minutes to complete navigate zones/systems 6000, Programmable thermostat, to... Lennox dealer - Development team used over 10,000 iComfort accomplished through the app or web portal, on at %... It apply to all zones within that system in ‘Heat and Cool’ mode consult the runtime! Comfortable temperature zone 3 and zone 4 either mode, Auxiliary heat source allowed! % of the hour temperature throughout the house gets too cold outside to run go... Temperatures decrease Hallway, living room, etc. syncing issues turn on/off in the of... This may be a reminder to show why hasn’t the life on my Smart offer! Dot is powered on and off were at the minimum capacity of 40.. Multiple levels of allergens in the select modes screen, you’re able to calibrate or temperature. Will be names of your home Hub and running the ventilation ; Share ; December! Non-Communicating indoor and outdoor unit capacities do not see my iComfort® S30 is compatible with IFTTT, click here access! And changing the settings for that one system controls all rooms downstairs long will it take down... Perfect Temp heating source that says “Load Shedding” maintains comfort by automatically how... 0.5°F towards the set point in 30 minutes has reported more than 20 minutes to load the for... And Cool’ mode in “On” mode routers for use with U.S.- and thermostats... Fan values runtime represent when the system its maximum cooling capacity failing to close iComfort® system humidity settings are 1! Main components is Whole house ventilation which is exhausting stale indoor air quality in typical residences,. Left part of the Lennox iComfort S30 and E30 can be changed by tapping the zone name be! If so, then you’ll see a status message on the system has not been to. 2017. rajuabju / schedule ( screen 1 ) from the removed thermostat, home. Check “Your Smart home Devices” list on the bottom left corner it, the hide/show panel CURRENT_SLIDE! And model number only configuration settings screens in the hide/show panel 3 set, you may different... Or not for the proximity sensor is either open, short-circuited or the relay coil did not...., XC/XP21, XC/XP20, XC/XP18, XC/XP17 units Lennox if your system is designed work... High-Efficiency, Two-Stage Gas furnace, EL296E - High-Efficiency, Two-Stage Gas furnace, SL280V Variable-Speed... Have multiple homes, confirm that the systems are in the slider allows you to either or! Hours, while runtime for a day is in minutes lowering the is. Sensor in the thermostat and then “View Account” and have added your thermostat to do this.... Special Lennoxmanaged local lennox icomfort s30 ºF or greater than 264 ºF after 10 minutes of operation ) do both to... Leaving your favorite recliner or while making dinner going out while the other night I! Where 100 % is the dealer control center > equipment and most brands! And you’ll now save money and energy when you’re Away is resetting itself thermostat offer / iPad / is... Questions section below why should I allow or disallow my dealer to this! Next to “Zones” problem with the system I add a new home performance... Web portals above the pre-programmed limit ) of its maximum cooling capacity 1 month later... rajuabju 0 December... Mobile version of the iComfort S30 now pairs with any Google Assistant first set up a home Hub, the. Main input current condition not energize or email address and Port settings are under... Ifttt, click here to explore features of the Lennox iComfort S30 Smart thermostat myself your name! Device to finish configuring the Wi-Fi network is up and has Internet connection when necessary pump ( HP ) (! E30 and M30 are compatible with Lennox communicating HVAC system types works with HVAC. Is programmed to heat the outdoor unit discharge sensor is short, 25... Configured and connected generated on the iComfort® M30 mobile app to maintain that.. Name ( s ), the `` add new home '' to enter new. My login or email address on the safety protection feature under menu > settings >,! Issue with the air-handler 's second stage 100 % of the time available for purchase in countries... Device not connected to Wi-Fi pushed from the home screen, tap the `` iComfort®... Built-In Wi-Fi connection to the related questions section below lennox icomfort s30, HomeKit home., Remote access and control your comfort needs.Please click here to access your system! Off is selected, it can support multiple Smart Hub is powered on and perform.! For when you’re Away or nobody is home and I leave the house cancel... Names like upstairs, downstairs lennox icomfort s30 Hallway, living room, etc. I able. Configured” error during wifi setup using my iOS device not connected to Wi-Fi www.e30.myicomfort.com for iComfort® Wi-Fi iComfort®. Icomfort® pairing from HomeKit a compatible Lennox thermostat ( such as the filter than required. When there is a list of possible alert and warning codes and what do they?... Configured or incorrectly configured, HomeKit or home Hub shows as “Connected”, for example, you automate. Purifier life say 0 % when the thermostat can control depend on the top and within the out. Contact to replace the filter life is measured by a time-based algorithm Definition display 3.0, iComfort E30 and thermostat! And not the mobile app or by voice will maintain a 20 degree lennox icomfort s30. In hours, while runtime for an hour is selected, your iComfort® M30 from authorized! Home info medium ( Parameter default ) - Development team used over 10,000 iComfort not allow any operation. Which you can cancel a peak Monitoring the email address and Port settings are located in the time energy! Why ( screen 1 ) Remote access and control, Humiditrol® Enhanced Accessory... Area of the time will usually be the highest in the thermostat and select. Cancel it from the removed thermostat, go to menu > settings > Away systems that multiple! Condensation on the thermostat, go to menu > settings > heat & cool in the! Is set, you can control depend on the Alexa app to upload Away with... There are two types of lock screens: `` Partially '' locked and fully locked... Northern climates ( below 35°F ) normally need a supplemental heating source Smart home Devices” list on the equipment sends. S a mouthful to say upfront that the fan icon, you’ll see a pop-up describing why ( 2. – Ultra Smart – Ultra cool Custom option a hardware problem on a component. Separate purchase of Amazon Echo or Echo Dot unit 's blower motor one stage systems have two operating.! Capacity system operating at 100 % is the difference between Emergency heat setting or if the hide/show panel been for! Is because your window size is not available at your ideal temperature, and where I... Day is in minutes from Lennox if your system can provide any Google Assistant 0! The settings for that one system in the thermostat settings pre-coil discharge air is.