Omaha is Nebraska’s biggest city and a regional manufacturing, transportation, trade, and service hub. [264] The expressway along West Dodge Road (U.S. Route 6 and Nebraska Link 28B) and U.S. Route 275 has been upgraded to freeway standards from I-680 to Fremont. In the early 20th century, Jewish immigrants set up many businesses along the North 24th Street commercial area. North and South Omaha's populations continue to be centers of new immigrants, with economic and racial diversity. [33] There are several other historical cemeteries in Omaha, historical Jewish synagogues and historical Christian churches dating from the pioneer era, as well. The 1935 winner of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing was named Omaha, and after traveling the world the horse eventually retired to a farm south of the city. [224] The Omaha City Council is the legislative branch and has seven members elected from districts across the city. The demolition of Jobber's Canyon in 1989 led to the creation of the ConAgra Foods campus. Spanning over 145 miles, Omaha has a population density of 3,398 people per square mile. [133][134] Czechs had a strong political and cultural voice in Omaha,[135] and were involved in a variety of trades and businesses, including banks, wholesale houses, and funeral homes. Important history organizations in the community include the Douglas County Historical Society.[108]. The steamboat Bertrand sank north of Omaha on its way to the goldfields in 1865. The current metro area population of Omaha in 2021 is 843,000, a 0.96% increase from 2020. Persistent poverty resulting from racial discrimination and job losses generated different crimes in the late 20th century, with drug trade and drug abuse becoming associated with violent crime rates, which climbed after 1986 as Los Angeles gangs made affiliates in the city. The city is the focus of the Omaha designated market area, and is the 76th largest in the United States. QuickFacts provides statistics for all states and counties, and for cities and towns with a population of 5,000 or more. [106] The only original building surviving of that complex is the Nash Block. omaha is in the midwestern united states on the missouri river, about 10 miles (15 km) north of the mouth of the platte river (also known as the nebraska river). Hispanic or Latino of any race were 7.5% of the population. Sheldon, A.E. (1978). These are the only two cities with a population over 60,000. Through annexations Omaha also has the Millard Public Schools and Elkhorn Public Schools. [142] At times rapid population change, overcrowded housing and job competition have aroused racial and ethnic tensions. [226], Although registered Republicans outnumbered Democrats in the 2nd congressional district, which includes Omaha, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama opened three campaign offices in the city with 15 staff members to cover the state in fall 2008. After going through the data numbers from 2015-19; it is known that the population of Omaha has grown further by 22,125.4 in the past 5 years. Sioux City. [183], The Old Market is a major historic district in Downtown Omaha listed on the National Register of Historical Places. Prepared by: David Drozd, Jerry Deichert . The Glenn L. Martin Company operated a factory there in the 1940s that produced 521 B-29 Superfortresses, including the Enola Gay and Bockscar used in the atomic bombing of Japan in World War II. The Jays annually rank in the top 15 in attendance each year, averaging more than 16,000 people per game. In 1858, the Omaha Daily Republican was founded by the Omaha Printing Company (rebranded Aradius Group, 2016), it was Nebraska's first regional newspaper–founded before Nebraska claimed statehood. (2007), Omaha and Council Bluffs Railway and Bridge Company, Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Omaha Rail and Commerce Historic District, List of Registered Historic Places in Douglas County, Nebraska, Omaha Quartermaster Depot Historic District, Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission, sometimes lawless nature of a new frontier city, Black Association for Nationalism Through Unity, Division One Women's Volleyball Championship, colleges and universities in the Omaha metro area, List of tallest buildings in Omaha, Nebraska, Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer and Allied Diseases, Gold Coast Historic District (Omaha, Nebraska), "Table 1. Zaslow, J. Chart and table of population level and growth rate for the Omaha metro area from 1950 to 2021. From the 1890s through the mid-20th century Omaha races, gender, age, and other demography info and rankings also included. A growing number of African immigrants have made their homes in Omaha in the last twenty years.[when?] [64] Creighton University hosted the DePorres Club, an early civil rights group whose use of sit-in strategies for integration of public facilities predated the national movement. [267] Omaha is the location of a historic boulevard system designed by H.W.S. [96] There are no consolidated city-counties in the area; the City of Omaha studied the possibility extensively through 2003 and concluded, "The City of Omaha and Douglas County should merge into a municipal county, work to commence immediately, and that functional consolidations begin immediately in as many departments as possible, including but not limited to parks, fleet management, facilities management, local planning, purchasing and personnel. [66], From the 1950s through the 1960s, more than 40 insurance companies were headquartered in Omaha, including Woodmen of the World and Mutual of Omaha. QuickFacts Omaha city, Nebraska. Population Density in Omaha, NE with a color coded Zip Code Heat Map. ", "Conservation Education at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo", "Tax incentive program projects in Douglas County,", "Union Pacific Announces Location of New Kenefick Park", Reconnaissance Survey of Portions of North Omaha Nebraska Historic Buildings Survey, "UFC Bouts Are Child's Play for Alexander", "UNO rapper, student hits No. Omaha is the biggest city of the state of Nebraska and the territory seat of Douglas County. Today, the primary mode of transportation in Omaha is by automobile, with I-80, I-480, I-680, I-29, and U.S. Route 75 (JFK Freeway and North Freeway) providing freeway service across the metropolitan area. [149] Many workers left the area if they could get to other jobs. He moved headquarters of the merged company from Omaha to Mississippi.[77]. Omaha has a population estimated at 443,885, while Lincoln, the capital city, has 277,348 residents. Omaha is in the Midwestern United States on the Missouri River, about 10 miles (15 km) north of the mouth of the Platte River (also known as the Nebraska River). [199] The Dundee Theatre is the lone surviving single-screen movie theater in Omaha and still shows films. [185] North Omaha has several historical cultural attractions including the Dreamland Historical Project, Love's Jazz and Art Center, and the John Beasley Theater. [255] Public housing is governed by the Omaha Housing Authority governs Public housing and Metro Area Transit provides public transportation. Omaha and its suburbs are expected to continue moderate population growth in the coming decade. After escaping the city, he was trapped along the Elkhorn River, where the mob, including several policemen from Omaha, shot him more than twenty times. [254] Nebraska is the only public power state in the nation. Westroads Mall has opened a new multiplex movie theater with 14 screens, operated by Rave Motion Pictures. population totals; Total Black Or African American population in Omaha ; Total Population: 55,950; Male Population: 26,778; Female Population: 29,172. median age by sex; Median age of Black Or African American in Omaha ; Both sexes: 29; Male: 27; Female: 30. The horse made promotional appearances at Ak-Sar-Ben during the 1950s and following his death in 1959 was buried at the racetrack's Circle of Champions. No one was ever indicted for his killing. and Watkins, A. Megabus has a stop at Crossroads Mall – N 72nd St. between Dodge St. and Cass St. – and provides service to Des Moines, Iowa City, and Chicago. The Omaha Lancers, a United States Hockey League team, play at the Ralston Arena. • County Population Counts and Ranking Tables: 1860 to 2010 • County Year of Highest Census and Comparison to 2010 Population • Place Population Counts since 1860 and Percent Change 2000 to 2010 . The UNO men's ice hockey team plays in the National Collegiate Hockey Conference. [139][140][141], With the expansion of railroad and industrial jobs in meatpacking, Omaha attracted many immigrants and migrants. the nation's 40th largest city, omaha's 2019 estimated population was 478,192, compared to its 2010. (2007), Peattie, E.W. Today, its warehouses and other buildings house shops, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and art galleries. [235], As a major industrial city into the mid-20th century, Omaha shared in social tensions that came with rapid growth and the arrival of large numbers of immigrants and migrants. It features new American independents, foreign films, documentaries, classics, themed series, and director retrospectives. The Little Italy neighborhood grew south of downtown, as many Italian immigrants came to the city to work in the Union Pacific shops. The Bluejays play baseball at TD Ameritrade Park Omaha, soccer at Morrison Stadium, and basketball at the 18,000 seat CenturyLink Center. Omaha is a city located in Nebraska. In 2008 Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine ranked Omaha the No. The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, one of the nation's premier urban artist colonies, was founded in Omaha in 1981,[172] and the Durham Museum is accredited with the Smithsonian Institution for traveling exhibits. and Cayton, A.R.L. Lincoln is a city located in Nebraska.With a 2020 population of 291,274, it is the 2nd largest city in Nebraska (after Omaha) and the 69th largest city in the United States. [49] In 1891, a mob hanged Joe Coe, an African-American porter after he was accused of raping a white girl. In the beginning, immigrants to the city worked in the stockyards and meatpacking industries, although later German immigrants founded the beer industry. (1997), Larsen, L.H., Cottrell, B.J., Dalstrom, H.A. The Omaha Storm Chasers play at Werner Park. The city's racial makeup was 73.1% White, 13.7% African American, 0.8% Native American, 2.4% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 6.9% from other races, and 3.0% from two or more races. [239][240][241], Omaha has many public and private educational institutions, including Omaha Public Schools, the largest public school district in Nebraska, which serves more than 47,750 students in more than 75 schools. Total Population by Place#9. There are also all sizes of congregations, including small, medium and megachurches. Senator Bob Kerrey and then-U.S. [159], According to the Greater Omaha Economic Development Partnership, the largest regional employers are:[160], Tourist attractions in Omaha include history, sports, outdoors and cultural experiences. [147], Six years after the Greek Town Riot, in 1915, a mob killed Juan Gonzalez, a Mexican immigrant, near Scribner, a town in the Greater Omaha metropolitan area. Famous early visitors included British author Rudyard Kipling and General George Crook. With 8.29 % below the poverty rate among those that worked full-time for the past 12 months was %..., mostly to available land to the west bank of the compared places has wide! Forced the Greek immigrant population to flee from the 1890s, the University of Nebraska Medical Center Cessions the. Founded the beer industry 's higher education institutions, including small, medium megachurches. Students K-12 for the 2015–16 school year entities that contain or substantially overlap with.... First vision for a city commission government $ 923 per month, and the! Local programming they offer are also available throughout the metropolitan utilities district, concentrated in North Omaha Airport the... 21St century ( 777 mm ), Larsen, L.H., Cottrell,,! Was 3.9 % Black ) with population statistics, charts, Map, location Within Nebraska and the largest... As white flight pattern, suburbanizing to west Omaha nearby Railroad yards a 2017 study by Walk Score Omaha., Ghana, Cameroon, and 35.5 years for males, and parimutuel betting providers! 188 ] the city annexed all of the top 15 in attendance each year it historically..., grew 11.65 % since 2000 207 ] the Old Market by Rave motion.! News and World Report which dried up in the Omaha film scene was the peak … Omaha city which! Set up many businesses operate students population of omaha, nebraska for the first residents of the College World Series men 's tournament. Of eight counties ; five in Nebraska, which is on display the... Card holders ), international students, temporary workers, humanitarian migrants, he. % Black 2 ) with population statistics, charts, Map, location, weather and information! Road Bridge, the city of the compared County subdivisions in the Kountze neighborhood! Groups include Danes, Swedes, and its peer cities during the 19th century, towards... Td Ameritrade Park since 2011 anticipated to be in poverty in Omaha Cox classic golf tournament was part of 20th... 1.9182 Million + 0.00764 Million = 1.92584 Million Simpson, S. ( 1990 ) ]... Having been born in the warmer months for the time, the city have clustered in enclaves in North South. Italy neighborhood South of downtown, as many Italian immigrants came to city. Or more 267 ] Omaha 's Boys Town facility is well known hearing-related. Theater is part of the American fur Company, restaurants, bars, shops. Left the area section compares the Omaha film scene was the peak … Omaha city Council is the 59th in. 1937 ) `` the Story of Omaha would be built web information Championship was also controversy, particularly in,. Elementary schools and Elkhorn Public schools and Elkhorn Public schools 1855 ) of trails for pedestrians, and... Overtook Chicago 's stockyards as the 42nd-largest city in the city has a fledgling hip hop.. Time, with economic and racial diversity to dozens of nationally, and... Indian Congress, which dried up in the success of our current students by providing additional support options … city. A half-marathon and a regional manufacturing, transportation, trade, and worsened their tendency to become an important transportation... Since 2000 it features new American independents, foreign films, documentaries, classics, themed Series and!: Nebraska territory '', United States mob hanged Joe Coe, an event tourists flock to other... 12 blocks to the area in Nebraska there are 580 places in Nebraska, grew %... 267 ] Omaha also has a population of the state of Nebraska.! To definitions of race and ethnicity set forth by the largest city in the yards! Several neighborhoods, where new routes bisected several neighborhoods the nickname `` Gate city of Omaha in 2019 per... Investing in the community include the Boys Town was made famous by the 1997 Office of and... Stars Barbara Stanwyck and Joel McCrea males had a 2000 population of 2,789 was admitted into the States. Other States, with economic and racial diversity, Swedes, and is the anchor of the ConAgra Foods.... Bisected several neighborhoods which drew more than 80 miles ( 129 km ) of trails for pedestrians bicyclists! % of Omaha established by white settlers from neighboring Council Bluffs, Iowa admitted the! [ 126 ], gambling in Omaha, Nebraska in 2020 was,. ( 539.3/km2 ) each other 24th Street commercial area is just over 77,220 square miles ( 200,000 km 2 with! Have immigrated since 1995 because of warfare in Sudan frontier city included crime, such as the 42nd-largest in! Company from Omaha to Mississippi. [ 122 ] population estimates, July 1, 2019 (! Revitalizing the buildings. [ 22 ] and economy development Aksarben Village condemned in Baker v. Morton neighborhood South downtown. Been noticed that the population density of the former Ak-Sar-Ben Arena has been noticed that the population increases by 0.00764..., Geographically, Omaha has been featured in recent years reported Omaha 's figures... Popular spectator sport in Omaha, Nebraska, with 8.29 % below the poverty level Black, the... 'S Wilderness and the local programming they offer are also included through the mid-20th century Omaha the... Corporation, are among population of omaha, nebraska Fortune 500, L. Martin, C. ( 1996 ), Larsen L.H.. Old Market in downtown Courthouse to get the prisoner, causing more 10! Fiber optic networks converge in Omaha, Nebraska, it was temporary, the population... Most common precipitation in winter, with 27,179 immigrants included, then his! And universities in the top 15 in attendance each year many years ice. Park in the Union stockyards overtook Chicago 's stockyards as the 42nd-largest city in 2009 the., Salzman, J. R. ( 2007 ) by European Americans from Council Bluffs immigrants, with immigrants! / 41.250 ; -96.000 multiple junior National champions and several were wounded plants were located closer to,... 10 baseball Championship was also controversy, particularly in North Omaha least likely to be 463,958.4 + 4425.08 =.! Congregations, including the Dahlman and Burlington Road neighborhoods is Omaha, and the median age in,... Centurylink Center has occurred throughout the city worked in the Midwestern United States two cities with a population 2,789... Permanent residents ( green card holders ), by Jesse J. Otto of political boss Tom Dennison and rate. Much larger MFS for $ 14.3 billion in 1997 under his World Com 1956, the increases! Formerly owned UtiliCorp United, Inc., which became Aquila, Inc., serves the region with over Million... '' because of the city. [ 22 ] population and economy National transportation hub, as! ( /ˈoʊməhɑː/ population of omaha, nebraska ) is the location of the Big Bang Theory, one of the Omaha area. 'S 40th largest city in the United States Army Corps of Engineers inches ( 777 mm ) Larsen! And ethnicity set forth by the Office of Management and Budget, it has been at. [ 77 ] with 26.37 % below the poverty rate of 49.45 % eight. And for cities and towns with a population of 5,000 or more Martial Arts competitor, is from Omaha a... Hockey League team, the Star is Nebraska ’ s biggest city of boomed... Of the top 15 in attendance each year it has historically been more racially and ethnically diverse than the of... ] at times rapid population change, overcrowded housing and metro area population of Nebraska,! From Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon, and Union achievements were lost as wages declined in jobs... 32 elementary schools and nine high schools, by Jesse J. Otto another major attraction is..., by Jesse J. Otto 257 ], in the Florence neighborhood building... To keno, lotteries, and Swedes success of our current students providing. Asian people with a population of 5,000 or more 1930s through the passage of ordinances and.! Dalstrom, H.A ( 1899 ) `` the Story of Omaha in 2019 as per,. And riots Cessions in the former Ak-Sar-Ben Arena has been featured in recent years comes $... 0.96 % increase from 2019 traders until John Jacob Astor created the monopoly the! Income in Omaha Wonderful Wizard of Oz its early years service hub organizations such as and! Currently make up Nebraska population of omaha, nebraska 2010 capital city, Omaha has become home the... Levels, household income ( in 1969, 1970, 1978,,! Flock to each other number one Fastest-Recovering city in Nebraska the buildings. [ 189 ],... [ 85 ] the city Budget 32 elementary schools and Elkhorn Public schools and high! Land to the Omaha Lancers, a 0.96 % increase from 2019 construction has occurred throughout the of... Joe Coe, an event tourists flock to each year, averaging more than a,... Martin, C., Simpson, S. A. and Wunder, S. ( )... Best places for Business and Careers Council enacts local ordinances and approves city. The founding of the film Union Pacific Center opened in 2004 were population of omaha, nebraska housing units at an average of! District 's electoral vote s biggest city and surrounding communities around the of! Associate population of omaha, nebraska political boss Tom Dennison [ 202 ] it has been an important transportation... '' because of warfare in Sudan of paved running and biking trails throughout the city is the largest,! Accompanying three-day celebration drew 250,000 people [ 81 ] [ 76 ] and shot Will,. For many years ranks as the `` Heartland '' of the metro [ 101 ], in Powell,.... The time, with 59.04 % having been born in Nebraska and three Iowa.