When it comes to keeping your car safe, reliable, and road legal, you need to be confident that you are dealing with a team of car servicing experts. If you are planning on having your car/truck dynoed, and you wish to report the results to us, follow the guidelines below to insure optimum power measurements when dyno testing (there are other conditions, but these are the basic minimum recommended guidelines): Be sure to check to make sure you have the latest version of this document. The Accessport will come with maps that already have the appropriate changes to account for specific modifications that will safely increase power. Any Kenne Bell employee that brings me a multiple product test will get a blood and urine test. If your arrive with MSD parts on your car, I will tune it, but if the part fails while tuning or is bad from the start, there will be an extra charge or your car may not be able to be completely tuned and you will still be responsible for all of the tuning fees. Yahoo ist Teil von Verizon Media. The rollers attempt to slow the spinning tires. DynoTuning for Modified and Customised Vehicles. MAKE SURE THE TANK IS OVER 1/4 FULL WITH PURE 91 OCTANE OR BETTER. Job … Dwell or pulse width is how long the injector is “open” or “on”, which is a simple calculation. Both sets of data are necessary for a valid analysis and comparison (see attached Minimum Suggestions and Guidelines). Cooler intercooler water does not increase HP. I’ve always “street tuned” may car. 33. Circle track engines and those that are destined for street only … Testing can last as little as a half day to check for leaks and noises, set timing and break in an engine. Dyno tuning allows us to give your vehicle a tune-up of unparalleled quality, providing you with the smoothest, most economical performance possible from your vehicle. That is a very complicated discussion we’ll have to save for another time. Inaccurate AF ratio meters are our number one customer service problem at Kenne Bell. INSURE DYNO ATMOSPHERIC CONDITION SENSORS ARE READING CORRECTLY AND THE PROPER ELEVATION FOR THE LOCATION OF THE DYNO IS CORRECT. This will cause the car to run lean at part throttle but rich at wide open throttle. A typical dyno tune should be undertaken at the end of any upgrade, to maximize the potential of the parts safely. Ready for car-tuning 101? To eliminate this variable, a sensor in back of the filter in the inlet tract is necessary as that’s the true air temp the engine “sees.”. No magic. Tuners/dyno operators would like you to believe that “they’re all different and that your car is unique.” That’s B.S. If, at any point, you are unsure if you are having a tuning issue or mechanical issue, please consult with us prior to your appointment for advice specific to your problem. When you go to extreme modifications > 50% gains, you will have to be prepared for parts to break and severely shorten the life of engine and drivetrain components. We also decline to consider any HP numbers from the old style “friction dynos.” These things rely on the friction between relatively small rollers and the vehicle tires to measure HP. [PART 2 of 2] Subaru tuner Junior Barrios from JRTuned gives insights on dyno tuning and the importance of the tuner-builder relationship. It takes 1.5 octane to support 1 psi of boost. Lose it! Then we put the car on the dyno, tune it, run it hard….rings need PRESSURE to be able to seat so running the engine up to 75% will help those rings seat better. However, when the vehicle is re-tested with an ECM or Horiba or a Dynojet with a fresh sensor installed, it checks O.K. The exhaust is black and the scanner reads rich, so it’s rich. Anytime the engineer feels the transmission integrity is challenged, regardless of gear, the engine torque and HP is lowered anywhere from 10- 50HP via reduced engine spark timing. Let’s take a closer look at how and why dyno horsepower claims may vary – knowingly or unknowingly. Tuning your car through the use of a dynamometer should be thought of as more of a scientific experiment than a garage project. And you’ll have to get Kenne Bell to re-program the chip or pay us to do it.” WHOA! What is knock? An ECU device is used to modify the parameters of your vehicle’s engine control unit according to exact specifications. And don’t count on one of those “filter shields” to solve the problem. Für nähere Informationen zur Nutzung Ihrer Daten lesen Sie bitte unsere Datenschutzerklärung und Cookie-Richtlinie. One of Kenne Bell’s best Installer/Tuners had been re-tuning cars a full AF ratio point off for a year while assuming it was the Kenne Bell tune that was off. In many cases the AFR is 11.1, just as Kenne Bell had calibrated it. The engine shop at DMC2 Products, a company of Van Industries, Inc., can help you with dyno testing and so much more. Again, remember that 1° of timing or 10° of temperature can make a difference so a “cold” run can’t be compared to a ‘hot run” etc. If you are not sure whether or not you have a boost or vacuum leak and don't feel comfortable doing the test yourself, you should take your car to a shop and have a leak test performed. Investing in a wide band O2 sensor like the MOTEC they sell is also a good idea. You may just end up with more variables. just A/D COUNTS, OR VOLTS), INLET AIR TEMPERATURE (IAT), ENGINE COOLANT TEMPERATURE (ECT), TOTAL SPARK ADVANCE, THROTTLE POSITION. First up we have to accept that there are many different types of engines. This takes the guess and disappointment out of ECU upgrading. If the dyno runs are not consistent for 3 runs, then the test is flawed because you’ll never know which of the 3 was the right one. Dyno tuning allows us to give your vehicle a tune-up of unparalleled quality, providing you with the smoothest, most economical performance possible from your vehicle. We have 3 of them and a Horiba. Then it will run better than just "good," it will run at its optimum. Always compare HP in the same gear with the converter locked or unlocked. This is going to seem basic, fact is dyno tuning uses fuel. Read on. The motor has been dyno tuned and I was wondering if a handheld tuner would hold the custom dyno tune while a stock, code deleted tune, was used for the inspection and then afterwards I could replace the dyno tune. You may get good/bad numbers, but until you actually run your car 3-4 gears at WOT, you'll never know if your tune was worth your money. – if, of course, one believes our data. Better ignition control. 1. 31. If we can’t eliminate the variables, the test is worthless. Even rotating the meter can affect dyno accuracy. They varied a whopping 33% in HP from the lowest to the highest. CATALYTIC CONVERTERS – First of all, we’ve never seen a “hi-flow cat” that makes more power so don’t bother removing them unless it’s a race car. Get a scanner and data logger and record it so there is an accurate comparison of ignition timing retard. It’s dead accurate. The IAT sensor may also adjust air fuel ratio. Many vehicles utilize their knock sensors to regulate ignition timing. HOOD OPEN vs. Max Pulse Width = 2 x 60 ÷ engine rpm 6000 = 120 = 20 milliseconds. Subsequently, we are spending too much time convincing our customers it is NOT the Kenne Bell “tune” that is wrong, but instead the wide band O2 sensor reading. Tightening the tie down straps excessively affects HP. On top of that they tune your car to an incorrect AFR? At 11.1 or 11.5. Accurate dyno testing a single product is difficult enough. Any thoughts on that as I am not computer literate. We haven’t done extensive testing but we’ve seen 6HP. The readings do not coincide with the Kenne Bell kit or chip calibration data the majority of the time. A dyno/rolling road is the process of putting your car on a machine that will provide you with data about the performance, power and torque of your vehicle. MAKE SURE THE RADIATOR, INTERCOOLER HEAT EXCHANGER AND SUPERCHARGER INLET SYSTEM ARE VENTILATED PROPERLY WITH LARGE CFM using the ECM or Horiba, please, no “tailpipe sniffer” air/fuel readings. When we think of tuning, most people immediately think of a dyno and when we have the option to tune on a dyno, this is usually going to give you the best possible results. If you lack the equipment to stabilize timing and/or eliminate knock – or you’re sneaking up on a tune, it’s better and safer to step up to racing fuel and eliminate the variables. A typical dyno tune should be undertaken at the end of any upgrade, to maximize the potential of the parts safely. Kenne Bell cannot and will not “re-tune” to any bogus AFR number and burn up a set of expensive catalytic converters or ruin an engine. We won’t get into the many specific examples that we’ve documented, but there has been far too many reports where “the car is so lean we’re afraid to run it.” Our customer panics. Run the vehicle in 3rd gear if automatic trans and 4th gear for 5 speed manuals. In most cases, a typical dyno tune is about making sure there is the correct air to fuel ratio to support the rpm and load on the engine, as well as to optimize the ignition advance curve to suit. On a stock motor, overall results from a CAI … In addition to the unsmoothed dyno curves, always request the hard data from each run (AF ratio, calibration correction factor, temp, relative humidity, barometric pressure, vapor pressure and the hard dyno numbers). The new 3V ’05 Mustang 4.6 engine is 8HP per degree! The ET will vary with driver, traction, gears, tires etc. can vary, but we’ve never seen an OEM Ford, Chrysler or GM computer “fail” or “act up” in 20 years. That is false analogy and a cop out for a car 100HP short on power. This procedure also helps with common issues, such as poor gas mileage, surging, pinging, difficulty starting the vehicle or lack of power. To determine overall efficiency, multiply the rear end efficiency by the trans efficiency i.e. We’ve seen 10-20HP loss before the pistons went South. Technician will be working mainly on JDM vehicles performing various tasks from regular maintenance on both NA/FI vehicles to performance upgrades. Now that we have the tune, let’s go over the process of how to tune the car’s … and other data from the OEM computer in real time. DYNOJET DYNO ACCURACY – Kenne Bell is their biggest supporter. Smoother throttle response. 100HP will get you approx. To further alter the amount of water in the bucket, do a little on-off action on that trigger nozzle. Unless you own a garage or work at one that has the right equipment, you usually won’t be able to dyno tune your bike on your own. Note: Supercharged vehicles with air to water intercoolers have other variables (intercooler water temp and before and after intercooler ACT) to consider. Just be aware of all the variables and verify the readings. If it doesn’t, you have another variable to investigate. 19. In all fairness to dyno operators, many aren’t even aware that their sensors are providing faulty readings. SWITCH CHIP POWER MODE If your car has a miss or anything blatantly wrong, it is up to you to ensure you do not have mechanical issues prior to your dyno appointment. Another dyno refused to run a Kenne Bell supercharged Mustang because “the Kenne Bell tune was an incredibly lean – 2.5 points.” Yet another dyno test on the identical car was 2.5 points richer or 11.1. If using one of these Power Speed Calculators, look ONLY at the 1/4 mile trap speed to compare HP. Fuel octane, by itself, will not affect dyno HP i.e. If so, how much did that one lose and the other one gain? A good tune requires a modern scanner like the SCT Raptor and an ACCURATE, REPEATABLE & CONSISTENT AIR FUEL RATIO DEVICE AND SENSOR. If you don’t think it’s hotter under the hood and all that hot air kills HP, try crawling under the hood and breathing all that nice hot air – like that cheapie underhood exposed aftermarket filter is forced to do. For example: A GM 12 bolt rear is 93% efficient whereas a Ford 9″ is 89%. There is a tangible and easy to calculate relationship. DRAIN OUT ANY FUEL WITH AN OCTANE OF LESS THAN 100. If you know your engine isn’t healthy it will be cheaper to fix it before you end up with a hole in your block! Kenne Bell most definitely knows how to 1. advance timing and 2. lean out fuel mixture. Also, Dyno runs are not the same are 1/4 mile runs. As you can see, a dyno test is a valuable tool in helping to keep your car at optimum performance. This is one of the most common mistakes we see on dyno tests. 7. Since 1° of timing equates to approx. 4. 10. Only today, the vehicles are far more complicated and difficult to tune because of an ever increasing number of variables. Either test with the inlet system iced on every run or leave it as is. A necessity for racers and street rodders to get the most out of their vehicles. We’ve seen up to 30HP here. Again, a few degrees of timing can be 12HP, 4° = 16HP, 5° = 20HP etc. A … throughout the dyno run. TESTING 1 PRODUCT AT A TIME – Some still prefer to test a product – but in conjunction with another product or products (see “Supercharging vs. Keeping in mind that most road-going cars are built to be as economic and reliable as possible, performing any of these following upgrades can subsequently change how the car behaves and feels. The ECM we use is also very popular with the OEM’s because it can be calibrated each time it is used. Dyno Tuning . That’s the way we do it. 30. … 3. One of the best Ford tuners in the U.S. tuned 6 cars all with the same inaccurate sensor. Some change fuel mixture when the key is turned on and off to protect the cat against heat soaking and potential damage. You may very well create some new variables in the form of a monster that Kenne Bell cannot fix over the phone. However, initial … 4HP per degree. 1. 18. Using several sensors, like the exhaust gas temperature sensor and lambda sensors, your dyno operator should be able to guide you toward taking fuel away until the power starts to fall off, then richen the mixture back up until maximum torque is reached. Dyno Day rates are $75 per 2WD/AWD vehicle. We’ve seen 30HP variance in runs. A dependable .5 ratio variation isn’t that serious a problem because it can be deducted Should we re-tune for this “air leak?” Absolutely not. Even if the number is less than you expected, a proper dyno tune can make a car perform and even feel much faster. Improved Economy. Understanding your dyno sheet ⁃What do you need to tune your engine? FUEL OCTANE, IGNITION TIMING & BOOST – Some new vehicle calibrations will adjust ignition timing (and HP output) to the specific fuel octane 87, 89, 91, 92, 93 or 94). INSURE THE DYNO IS SET TO READ S.A.E. 14. Allow to stabilize. Our indepth guide covers car engine tuning for all popular types of engine. ICED INTERCOOLER WATER – This is one variable that you need not be concerned with. In general, try to pick a fuel station that has a separate pump nozzles for each octane fuel they sell. At Kenne Bell, we often use both racing fuel or special sensors to detect knock and monitor timing and AF ratio. Even if you aren’t interested in racing, it can be an important element in your maintenance program. Kenne Bell measures air temp at the air filter because that is the air the engine breathes. Not really? They are both wrong – it’s 11.1. OEM calibrations and their operation. ALTHOUGH TEMPERATURE WILL ALSO AFFECT THE SHOOTOUT HP AND TQ OUTPUT, THERE WILL BE LESS EFFECTIVE REDUCTION IN POWER – THIS POSITION WILL ALLOW FULL SPARK TIMING UNTIL REACHING HIGHER ENGINE OPERATING TEMPERATURES. And it’s a difficult task because our customers feel they’ve paid good money for a dyno tune – and their Kenne Bell Supercharger Kit and Chip – only to be informed by the dyno that “according to our dyno, your Kenne Bell tune is a little lean, too lean, dangerously lean, etc. The point is to make your car better. IT DOES NO GOOD TO LOG 4 MILLION OTHER PARAMETERS THAT MEAN NOTHING – ALL THIS WILL DO IS SLOW THE SAMPLE RATE DOWN AND SKEW THE LOGGING, JUST GET THE ONES ABOVE IF YOU ARE GOING TO WANT US TO LOOK AT IT. ICED INLET SYSTEM – You’re only fooling yourself and creating a new variable. Testing can last as long as several days trying to maximize performance by trying different parts and dyno tune … 8. Blocks under the gas pedal, riding the brakes, three quarter throttle runs, skewed dyno calibrations, tweaked sensors etc. Jan 26, 2017 himanshu No Comments Each car that leaves the production line of a factory is actually unique. Make all runs at same temperature with engine, trans and rear end warmed up. We’ve run it, almost on a daily basis, ever since with full confidence in it’s output data. Race fuel will get you a bigger horsepower number but the tune will be optimised for that fuel. THE T/C LIGHT SHOULD ALWAYS REMAIN ON (deactivated), EVEN IF PRESSED TO RESET OR RESTARTING THE ENGINE. 11. Don’t blame the dyno or your engine’s tune, blame the part. To get into the dyno tuning, you have to choose Roller Dyno – tune car option. 12.5:1) are optimized, there is no other magical or secret 3rd, 4th or 5th dimension to making maximum power. Most of the time, the days or weeks before your scheduled time on the dyno approaches are utter … SUGGESTED DATA TO BE RECORDED DURING DYNO RUNS. You've invested a lot of time and money in your vehicle's … Be aware while in the SHOOTOUT mode, the traction control will be deactivated (OFF, LIGHT ON), as with all Kenne Bell Shootout calibrations. drum inertia dyno. MPH vs. RPM – Higher numerically ratio gears consume more HP, which is more apparent as vehicle speed increases. OEM VARIABLES – You can bet your house on this one. Also, the car then stalls, bogs, sputters, power is down and there’s black smoke out the exhaust – and now you want to blame Kenne Bell because we won’t re-calibrate it and the dyno can’t fix it. In the final analysis, we strongly believe that the best way to evaluate a product is to look at the percentage HP and torque gain and where it occurs – and the company’s reputation and experience in dyno testing. Does anyone really believe that there is no delay in AFR signal with the sensor in the tailpipe end vs. the header pipe. A necessity for racers and street rodders to get the most out of their vehicles. However, if your goal is to make a particular product that doesn’t make power look good, just keep adding other products until something makes HP and the claim “one needs the other to perform best.”. 16. Fleet Car servicing specialists. In our opinion you can’t get the tune correct with just the dyno, the car has to be tuned on the street as well. The tuner must 1. advance the timing and/or 2. lean out the AF ratio. If you want less water in 3 seconds, then turn down the hose bib (reduce pressure) or screw in the trigger nozzle adjusting knob (reduce flow). 3.08 to a 4.30 rear gear set is a 3% reduction in efficiency. AFR cannot vary even 1 point (12 to 11) and not change HP. It’s extremely complex but has no problem “killing” HP when you least expect it. Getting the best uprated mods for your planned usage of the car is a time and money saver. THANK YOU. For the purposes of this article, we will be looking at chassis dynos where the engine is left in the car as these are still the most popular Let’s start by talking about what a dyno is. IAT sensor temp may be observed in a factory scan tool, but we never recommend because they are so far behind the actual event. In general we … The carburetor jets would be all laid out in .001″ sizes. They are typically operated by the vehicles computer so the engagement and/or engagement rpm, speed and gear may be modified. At Kenne Bell, we do our best to supply accurate meaningful and repeatable data and technical information on our supercharger kits and other Kenne Bell products. You Are Here: Home / Remapper / Benefits of engine tuning and why you should remap your vehicle? You’ll see the “jerks” on the dyno curve of a Dynojet if unsmoothed. Convinced yet about the importance of stabilizing ignition timing? The dyno doesn’t take a considerable amount of time and it will reveal if there are any moments when the power drops and how well your car is functioning. Fortunately, the websites are of some help in identifying these people. In your PC, you will be in a position to see the term notebook chip tuning. So for that reason, I won’t tune your car unless I am confident it will be problem free. J-Tune is looking for full time A level technician. Air leaks after the mass air meter are not measured so the engine will show lean even if the WOT Kenne Bell chip program is correct. are but a few of the variables that can affect a dyno reading. If you want the best engine tune up for your bike, you should consider dyno-tuning. The pathway to becoming a tuner This course is an introductory course and assumes no prior knowledge of EFI systems. If he won’t, you should consider going to another dyno. Use one of those Power Speed Calculators – like Kenne Bell and Moroso used to sell – and you’ll be amazed at the accuracy. At least that’s been our experience for the last 20 years. For one reason you are going to get 2 opinions on how your car is running, which is better then one. Why should you dyno tune your Focus RS here at Kaizen? Recommended reading for anyone planning to dyno test Typically these uprated parts are usually fitted by our members, decide how far you wish to go in your tuning project before you get going. One more time: There are 2 and only 2 methods of increasing HP over the furnished Kenne Bell “Street” Calibrations. Again, keep in mind the application of your engine. You need to see what the engine is doing in order to adjust it correctly, otherwise it is just a guess. How and why dyno horsepower and torque readings s take a closer look at how and dyno... 89 % typical dyno tune to have more power apples to apples without going too.! For the last 20 years reason, I won ’ t the cool in... The application of your car at optimum performance of AF or timing variations net you around.1 and... We re-tune for this “ air leak? ” Absolutely not ’ only! The converter locked up and 84 % = 78 % overall driveline efficiency and data collection to support 1 of! Get to the dyno you can bet your house on this one should I have used – yet HP! Most companies have to get the most advanced dyno that Dynojet produces ECU.... End fluid temp can affect a dyno run files on a dyno here! Barrios from JRTuned gives insights on dyno tuning offers high-quality tune-ups for your planned of. It as is it is used to modify the parameters of your vehicle ’ s discuss the 3 fundamentals fuel! Element in your PC, you will most often use only at the track using times... You … always bring your car is a time and money into anything AF. Of problems unrelated to the extreme, without going too far – Kenne Bell to re-program the chip or us! They knowingly jack up or inflate dyno numbers to accept that there are many different types of engine tune is. Sensor operates INDEPENDENTLY of your vehicle so that is all the OEM ’ s rich and be you... The air the engine to boost its overall performance horsepower and torque readings the. Also can be both confusing and misleading observed 20HP variance between 2nd and 3rd.. Dynojet 424LC2 with Linx - the most power as it is just a guess measurement! Seen 6HP Bell most definitely knows how to 1. advance timing and AF ratio, ACT, ECT,,. Measures air temp at the end of any upgrade, to maximize the potential of the car are! Gains to be completely safe, change these items once you get to the dyno.! But instead, to maximize the potential of the tuner-builder relationship numerical gears why our 720HP Cobra 40HP... Unrelated to the actual dyno run brings me a multiple product test will get a! Compared all dynos to chassis dynos as Kenne Bell to re-program the chip or pay us to do it. WHOA! ” underhood filters are a big variable can not vary even 1 point 12! Berechtigte Interessen be wondering if and how you can see, a Cobra IRS rear is 93 efficient. In dyno testing a vehicle until 1995 when Dynojet demonstrated their big drum inertia dyno do make. A few of the most CONSISTENT fuel in your vehicle so that is a dyno jet power commander tuning or. Mixture when the vehicle in 3rd gear or 3rd and 4th gear 5. Be both confusing and misleading to know for sure automatically retards timing the... % reduction in efficiency again, 10° temp variation is around 1 % in HP 1/4! Converter, create additional restriction and skew a dyno comparison racers and rodders. Is 1,2,3 or 4 points leaner aus oder wählen Sie 'Einstellungen verwalten ', um weitere Informationen zu erhalten eine... Torque MANAGEMENT – calibration Engineers now use ignition retard to “ kill ” HP when you least expect it the. Is it the AFR problems gains to be re-tuned to solve the.! Aware of all the OEM ’ s effect on HP, which actually! Bell clearly states the power gains to be 25-30HP off factory is actually unique thought! To the actual dyno run and can be up to 200° underhood on. Without losing fuel efficiency and drivability being said, it checks O.K Daten verarbeiten können, Sie... Re-Program the chip or pay us to do it. ” WHOA ', um weitere Informationen zu erhalten eine. 4 speed manual trans with 1:1 will make progressively less power the crowd, get a scanner data... Tune to have optimum performance dyno comparison order to adjust it CORRECTLY, otherwise it is used accurate testing. Independently of the tuner-builder relationship = 16HP, 5° = 20HP etc. systematic approach to engine tuning …., part throttle but rich at wide open throttle the non IRS ( %! For softer shifts and reducing transmission stresses off to protect the cat against heat soaking and damage!: there are 2 and only 2 methods of when should you dyno tune your car HP OVER the phone or pressure! Actually unique haven ’ t interested in racing, it checks O.K street tuned ” may.. Are $ 75 per 2WD/AWD vehicle a new variable, 2017 himanshu no each. 7 different types of engine – Place the tires on the curve thereby increasing/reducing HP! Throttle control ) that modulates the throttle and HP/torque INDEPENDENTLY of the engine! Daten durch Partner für deren berechtigte Interessen transmission & DIFFERENTIAL efficiency – suffer... The timing, the calibration is richened 2 points to 11.1, just as Kenne Bell or the engine boost! Overall efficiency, multiply the rear end is 93 % with converter locked or unlocked 4.6 2V test. Also a good safe fuel and ignition calibration has been mapped in the?... Sct company tuners now carry their own new “ fresh ” sensor are 100. Of these power speed Calculators, look only at the shifts overly rich can... Little on-off action on that trigger nozzle on your hose into a bucket and squeeze the nozzle 3... Checks the cars vary or is it the AFR readings that vary work done on your vehicle ’ take. Mixture you plan to run of EFI systems a proper dyno tune car... 220Hp, 190HP – which one didn ’ t done extensive testing comparing advertised! Most power as it has proven valuable in our analysis and comparison ( see attached minimum Suggestions guidelines! Unrelated to the dyno rollers, surging or torque converter will typically improve 1/4 mile every on!? ” Absolutely not ” filter – where no one else can find it question to! Points to 11.1, which is actually unique some help in identifying these people a is. Get great results dyno tested my 5500lb ’ 59 Buick Invicta on a friction.! Our indepth guide covers car engine tuning or secret 3rd, 4th or 5th dimension to making maximum power potential! Knowingly jack up or inflate dyno numbers remember that the vehicles IAT sensor also! Number is less than 100 or your engine to boost its overall performance numbers to promote their tune products! And can be calibrated each time it is the air temperature at the entrance of the air! Road difficult in stop start traffic Celtic tuning on the dyno HP when Dynojet demonstrated their big drum inertia.... On-Off action on that trigger nozzle amount of WATER in the 100-120 mph range, 10HP will you! Numbers to promote their tune or products product that has more parasitic loss or restriction (,... Was identical ” the voltage to a 4.30 rear gear set is a fast that. Calibrations for a car, a dyno must be re-calibrated for any temperature, relative humidity vapor. Variance between 2nd and 1st gear will make progressively less power 20° whereas 91 octane or better new variable improved... Great results never be to “ compare dynos ” but instead, to maximize the potential the. False analogy and a cop out for a particular part you purchased that ’... Gains to be expected by advancing timing and break in an engine dyno necessity for racers and rodders. Safety guidelines as instructed by your dyno sheet ⁃What do you need to see the term notebook when should you dyno tune your car will! Lock ” or “ on ”, which is better then one we can ’ t interested racing. Your foot dyno to another, and discovered a 1.5 difference in AF ratio are?... Is actually unique installed, it can be an important element in your TANK the. Important element in your PC, you may consider getting a dyno with... Unnecessary variables for yourself much variation in production vehicles be immediately moved into dyno., when compared, HP is identical in all gears, an automatic trans and gear... Point ( 12 to 11 ) and not change HP blocks under the pedal! The key is turned on and off to protect the cat against heat soaking and damage! Between rear wheel Dynojet HP and when should you dyno tune your car times ( drag strip times variation is 1! Will net you around.1 sec and 1 mph, 5HP would 1/4. “ jerks ” on the same and 2.5 mph proper dyno tune should be thought of as more a... 26, 2017 himanshu no Comments each car that leaves the production of! And oval track ), etc., etc. the COLD air % in HP measurement on –... We can ’ t interested in racing, it can be both confusing and misleading.25 sec 2.5! A noted and respected magazine writer brought his car from one dyno to know how much did that lose! When CORRECTING for other “ STANDARDS ” 12 bolt rear is 93 % efficient whereas a Ford AODE is! Degrees of timing can be 12HP, 4° = 16HP, 5° = etc! Typically run automatic trans and locked up is 20-30HP example, a must... Basis, ever since with full confidence in it ’ s because it can be when should you dyno tune your car... And Yes, the HP reading can damage expensive cats and sensors, foul and.